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Join 99 Other Australian Nurses On A Journey To Improve Your Life And Work Experience - In Just 14 Days

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14 Days
100 Nurses
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What to expect in 14 days?

Day 1: Experience: How to understand & measure your life experience

Day 2:
Process the day before.

Day 3:
Emotions: Manage your emotional intelligence & expectations

Day 4:
Process the day before.

Day 5:
Engagement: Understand your motivators & purpose

Day 6:
Process the day before.
Day 7:Experience: Implementations and adopt new behaviors

Day 8:
Process the day before.

Day 9:
Excellence: Achieving success with your goals

Day 10:
Process the day before.

Day 11:
Evolution: Priorities for sustaining personal growth

Day 12:
Process the day before.

Day 13:

Day 14:
Q&A with Dr. Avi. + Share insights and testimonials
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The team behind the self-leadership challenge

Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan
Founder Energesse / Course Leader
Olivia de Guzman
Operation &  Community Manager
Richard Holtgrefe
Self-leadership Expert & Satisfaction Manager
Joanna Paula
Community Manager

What others say about the self-leadership experience program:

“We’re all busy and the biggest thing was that it was not time consuming and extremely helpful. This skillset of self-management is an amazing thing to have, being good at managing yourself is important in a leadership role. This skillset is a gap in nursing education, but it can be taught. I would highly recommend it and rate this program an 8/10”

Deanna Harrison, Peri Operative Services Manager, Gosford Hospital

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About Dr. Avnesh Ratnanesan

As a leader with over 25 years experience in healthcare and management, Dr Avi has an extensive experience and track record of leading people and advising others on how to perform at the highest levels.

With a career starting as a medical doctor, he has established himself as a high achiever who has advised leaders of startups to CEO’s of businesses with billions in annual revenue.

His proven approach and 6E methodology demonstrates his unique ability to achieve results for nurses, healthcare professionals and corporate executives and he has been featured in national and international media such as ABC News, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, Sky News, Australian Financial Review and Insurance Business America.

His methods utilize a combination of science, digital tools and best practices worldwide. His advice is highly valued not only by management teams and leading organisations, he has also spoken at stages such as the World Congress of Prevention and Wellness, USA as well as advised major organisations such Ramsay Healthcare, Pfizer, BUPA, Apple and Microsoft. His diverse background as a doctor, digital entrepreneur and award-winning creative in film and music inspires you to deliver excellence and motivates your emotional, mental and physical performance.

Dr Avi and his team are on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing experience of 1 billion lives, through his work with leaders, managers, front-line staff and improving their self leadership skills, resilience, work-life balance and effectiveness in teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I have to invest to complete the challenge?

Over 14 days we will cover 6 modules together. Every module takes about an hour in total.

Where do I follow the challenge?

The challenge will take place in a (new) private Facebook group. You will receive all the details about the challenge in your inbox.

Why is this program free?

Simple, instead of shouting how amazing this program is, we want you - as a nurse - to share your experience after 14 days, so we can help more nurses worldwide. The only thing we’re asking from you, is to write a short testimonial or shoot a quick video about how the program transformed you. Join the program now and let’s take better care of ourselves, so we can take better care of others!

What do I get out of it?

Even though we’re offering it to you for free, you can expect to get a lot of value out of it. Dr Avi has trained many professionals around the world on personal resilience, wellbeing and high performance and he will be working with you along with other nurses to make a real impact.

Is this program right for me?

The goal is to help you develop the resilience you need to lead yourself through change, so you have less uncertainty and anxiety for the future and more hope, aspiration and direction in your life. With your commitment, I’m sure we’ll explore some of the most fruitful areas of your life and work during the challenge.